Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Subscription

In a complex world of ever-changing technologies, GE realizes the importance of having an experienced partner to guide successful cyber security implementation. As a global leader of industrial
controls, GE is well-equipped to help customers improve their security posture and support compliance efforts. Our products are built with security in mind and are easily integrated into broader plant-level systems and IT architectures.

GE’s Cyber Asset Protection Subscription solution is a key part of a defense-in-depth system for turbine, plant, and generator controls environments. The subscription service includes operating system and application patches as well as anti-virus/intrusion detection signatures to cover updates for HMIs, servers, switches, and network intrusion detection devices. Monthly updates can be applied to individual HMIs or via the SecurityST* appliance for network-wide deployment.

The Cyber Asset Protection Subscription is part of GE’s SecurityST Mark* VIe Solution and Commissioning Services, which is Achilles® Practice Certified – Bronze, indicating the solution has undergone strict cyber security best practices demonstrating to customers that systems are developed and implemented with security in mind. Cyber Asset Protection Subscription is designed to support the plantoperation’s compliance to cyber security standards and guidelines including NERC CIP, NEI 08-09 and IEC 62443-2-4.

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