Controls LifeCare

Controls LifeCare is a new partnership from GE to help maintain the health of turbine and plant control, generator control and static starter systems. Subscribers benefit from GE expertise and a true partnership in the maintenance and servicing of control systems with a simple, packaged approach.

Controls LifeCare is available in one, five and ten-year agreements and is applicable for both new and existing units. All offer levels include parts availability and replacement, 24/7 phone technical support, software updates (TILs) and onsite technical support from an annual visit from a Controls Field Engineer (FE) and ControlsCare Service Manager.

Five and ten-year subscriptions as well as subscriptions on currently installed units include ControlST* upgrades. A ten-year subscription also includes an HMI upgrade. See the agreement details and terms in the fact sheet for more details.

Features and Benefits


  • Mark* Vle
  • EX2100e
  • LS2100e

Product Benefits:

  • A subscription-based model simplifies the customer process, requiring only one PO with GE for a variety of control system needs.
  • A complete asset management partnership means GE expertise is available to you, when you need it throughout the year.
  • A potential for reduced financial uncertainty resulting from possible future TILs and parts failures.

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