Bently Nevada Trendmaster Pro Online Condition Monitoring System

Trendmaster® Pro is its innovative architecture, which links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network, and brings the data into System 1® software. Wiring costs are dramatically reduced when compared to a conventional continuous monitoring system, yet individual measurement points can be scanned by the system every few minutes to provide quasi-continuous condition monitoring data.

Features and Benefits
Signal Processing Hardware
Compact, centralized signal processing stations, known as Dynamic Scanning Modules (DSMs) are strategically placed throughout your plant and accept from one to four sensor bus cables, resulting in a distributed network of condition monitoring sensors. All sensors on each bus are polled sequentially every few minutes, allowing the system to collect condition monitoring data from thousands of connected points, yet without the installation and hardware costs associated with traditional, centralized architectures relying on point-to-point wiring rather than a distributed bus.

Although the Trendmaster Pro System can accept signals from virtually any commercially available sensor or monitoring device, a wide range of special vibration, temperature, seal leak, pressure, and other sensors have been specially developed to complement the system. These sensors offer the ideal balance of robustness, ease-of-installation, and low cost, allowing the benefits of permanent monitoring while remaining highly affordable.

Hazardous Areas
Unlike many other so-called “sensor bus” or “field bus” networks, the Trendmaster Pro system is specifically designed to handle the large bandwidth requirements of condition monitoring data—and requires just a single IS barrier or galvanic isolator for hundreds of points, allowing its use in hazardous areas without prohibitive installation costs.

DSMs can be connected directly to your process control system using industry-standard Modbus® protocol. This provides an extremely cost-effective entry-level system that uses your existing plant control platform for archiving, alarming, and display – resulting in a totally integrated condition monitoring and process control environment for your operators.

When more in-depth analysis capabilities are required, DSMs can also be connected to System 1 software via conventional wired or wireless Ethernet networks where all condition monitoring
data is archived and displayed. This allows your Trendmaster Pro installation to seamlessly integrate with portable data collectors and continuous monitoring systems, such as Bently Nevada Snapshot instruments and 3500 Series Machinery Protection Systems.

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