Bently Nevada TACH100 Digital Tachometer

The TACH100 Digital Tachometer can be used as a stand-alone unit for speed indication or in conjunction with any permanently installed monitoring system as a remote speed indicator. It is often used when a permanent monitoring system is located some distance away (e.g. in a control room) or when no permanent monitoring system is installed and speed indication is required at the machine.

The digital tachometer is a compact unit, containing its own power supply that can power a Proximitor* Sensor (-24 Vdc). The tachometer also accepts signal and common wires from an externally-powered Keyphasor* Proximity Probe (such as may be available when a permanent monitoring system is installed). The wires can be connected in parallel with the Keyphasor Proximity Probe input on the monitor rack or to the Keyphasor Proximity Probe itself.

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