Bently Nevada Snapshot IS (Intrinsically Safe) Portable Data Collector

The Snapshot™ IS is intended for periodic manual collection of data as part of a plant asset management program. The instrument offers a single vibration channel plus speed/phase input. Its ATEX Directive II Ga Ex ia IIC T4 (Ta -20°C to +S0°C) , and Directive I Ma Ex ia (Ta 0°C to +S0°C) hazardous area approval permits use in Intrinsically Safe environments without the need for a special “hot work” permit. Snapshot™ IS interfaces with the Bently Nevada’s System 1™ software platform. The user configures point and route information in System 1, downloads the configuration to the Snapshot IS, and transfers collected data back to System 1 for display, trending, and storage.

Features and Benefits
Snapshot IS provides single-channel data acquisition with a second channel for phase and speed input.
Lightweight design allows single-handed use for extended periods of time with minimal physical effort.
IPS4 rating permits use in harsh environments.
Removable NiMH battery provides 6 to 8 hours of use between charges.
Polycarbonate/ABS case design provides high impact resistance and durability.
1/8 VGA display (backlit) and integral touchscreen provide a convenient user interface.
Ergonomically designed keypad permits simple operation with either the left or right hand, even with gloves on.
Intuitive user interface simplifies operation.
16 MB of standard on-board memory accommodates large data collection schedules.
Unit supports a wide variety of rack buffered measurement types and signal processing options, including:
Proximity probes
Velocity transducers
Temperature measurements
Numeric data
Manually keyed notes
User-configurable dynamic inputs
REBAM® transducers
The Snapshot IS data collector uses System 1 host software (refer to System 1 Specifications and Ordering Information, p/n 14S146-01) for permanent storage of all collected data and for system configuration functions.

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