Bently Nevada SCOUT & vbSeries Portable Vibration Analyzers

GE’s SCOUT and vbSeries portable vibration analyzer instruments are built to robust professional standards, making them the first choice for numerous leading companies around the world. Featuring the powerful, award-winning Ascent software, this tiered instrument range varies in features and price, enabling you to select the model with the set of features you require. SCOUT models are certified for an ATEX Zone 2 hazardous rating, whereas the vbSeries models are rated for CSA Class 1, Division 2.

Features and Benefits
Accuracy, intuitive operation, ease of use, and outstanding storage capacity to ensure a premium return on investment
The power and convenience of dual/multi-channel measurement and dual-plane balancing for quick diagnosis and correction of dynamic imbalance
Tachometer input (with Keyphasor® tachometer mode)
Award-winning, route-enabled Ascent software with the CBDb (Commtest Bearing Database) of over 30,000 bearings and waveform analysis tools
ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 Hazardous location certification (SCOUT 100/104-Ex) and CSA Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous location certification (vb7/8)
Wide measurement range (1,000 g, 25,000 mm/s, 2,500mm)
Laser speed sensor for automatic capture of machine running speed
Unique Commtest 6PackTM recording system
6,400 to 12,800 lines FFT resolution
1GB memory and virtually unlimited spectra storage
Options to add Flex features
5 year instrument warranty
Features unique to the advanced SCOUT 140-Ex and vb8 vibration analyzers include:

Upgradable Proflash system and free firmware updates
Modal Impact Testing and Cross Channel Spectrum (ODS)
Ability to export data in Universal File Format (UFF) for additional analysis in ODS software such as Vibrant Technology ME’scope
Support for acceleration, velocity, displacement, DC-coupled, current and voltage output sensors
Numeric parameter input via keypad with Ascent trend and alarm capability
Cable Test mode
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