Bently Nevada Motor Stator Insulation Monitor (MSIM)

The Motor Stator Insulation Monitor (MSIM) is an online monitoring system that helps keep motors running in optimum condition. The solution delivers the industry’s only continuous, direct measurement of stator winding capacitive and resistive leakage currents, offering a credible indication of motor availability and reliability. And, it enables operations and reliability personnel to make effective and knowledgeable process rate decisions without damaging the motor.

Features and Benefits

Lower total motor ownership and operating costs
Reduced training investment
Leverage of existing 3500 Series technology for monitoring the driver and driven equipment
Avoided or reduced economic impact of motor replacement and repair
Ability to inform users of stress on motor and train and enables detailed monitoring while running until the process can be shut down in a controlled way
Insights needed to avoid secondary damage to the process that occurs in an emergency trip
Critical data and diagnostics to help operators make smarter decisions when scheduling outages and implementing preventative maintenance programs

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