Bently Nevada ADRE 408 DSPi

The next generation ADRE® Sxp is a completely redesigned data acquisition system combining GE’s hardware capability with the new Sxp software platform. The new system consists of the 408 Dynamic Signal Processing instrument (DSPi) and ADRE Sxp software. Highly portable, ADRE Sxp is designed to meet the changing needs of various fleet asset management programs as well as all other industries where speed and flexibility in data collection are a must.

Features and Benefits

Quick Configuration Software to allow even the novice user to create an Sxp-ready database to configure ADRE and easily start receiving data within minutes
Automatic selection of waveforms for plots, multiple cursors for all plot types, and a static/couple vector option on polar plots for balancing
Position measurement for process variables or displacement transducers, to measure axial position when viewing values on the 408 front panel
A time-saving 3500 rack-based system file importer to ensure seamless communication with the 3500 Series monitoring system
The Impact Hammer Kit to determine the transfer function and other response characteristics of rotating machines and mechanical structures
A redesigned Single Board Computer with faster boot speed, lower power requirements, new SAS disk drive technology, and a reinforced mounting case for better shock resistance
Optional pelican case allowing ADRE 408 to be suspended inside, featuring wheels and a long handle for mobility
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