Bently Nevada ADAPT 3701 Product Family

Combining over five decades of condition monitoring expertise, GE’s Bently Nevada product line introduces the ADAPT (Advanced Distributed Architecture Platform Technology) product family. ADAPT helps pinpoint system problems and show you how to fix them before they lead to costly shutdowns. With ADAPT’s Actionable Information, you’ll be able to run machine-specific algorithms in real time at the machine skid – and make faster decisions about the health of your assets.

Features and Benefits

Smaller footprint. Bigger impact.

The ADAPT advanced distributed architecture monitoring platform technology has evolved with your plant assets. The latest ADAPT product family features a smaller footprint so it’s easier to mount, has less wiring, and easily configures to the asset it monitors. Building upon the success of ADAPT Wind – a trusted, field-proven technology – the ADAPT 3701 product family will combine the functionality of GE’s Bently Nevada 3500 rack system and System 1* to provide a flexible condition monitoring solution.

Why GE customers choose ADAPT:

Better service and customer support
Reduced spare inventory
Lower material and wiring costs
Better warranty
Smaller installed footprint

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